GAT Muscle Martini

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Amino Acid Antioxidant

Clinically based essential amino acid blend

GAT Muscle Martini

  • 9 Muscle Building EAAs and BCAAs*
  • 30 Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Extracts
  • Helps Preserve Hard Earned Muscles*
  • Great for Intra Workout
  • Amazing Tasting Flavors.

MUSCLE MARTINI® is an amino acid super drink designed for physique athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyone else who wants to support lean muscle, recovery, supports protection from free radicals and promotes overall health.*

  • Delivers 7 grams of amino acids to support lean muscle development and post workout recovery.*
  • Contains SPECTRA™ the next step in antioxidant science that may help maintain cell integrity.*
  • SPECTRA™ consists of over 30 fruit, vegetable and herb extracts and concentrates whose antioxidant effects are measured using the Total ORACFN assay.
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