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Thermogenic Intensifier Supports Healthy Body Composition & Increased Endurance, & Promotes Long Lasting Energy

ERGOSHRED™ is ErgoGenix's offering in the fat burning category. Due to its innovative and cutting edge design, ERGOSHRED is unlike any other product on the market, making it a revolutionary product in the oversaturated fat burning category. ERGOSHRED will promote fat loss, suppress appetite, increase endurance, and provide long lasting energy —all without affecting your athletic performance.

Through the combination of Quercetin, Caffeine, N-Methyltyramine (NMT), and Zingerone at effective doses, ERGOSHRED exploits many different metabolic pathways in synergy. Caffeine can induce lipolysis, increase performance by delaying fatigue, and increase pain threshold. Quercetin may boost metabolism, inhibit cortisol production, boost stamina, and potentiate fat loss by increasing the rate of lipolysis induced by caffeine. Zingerone, like Quercetin, also acts to accelerate the rate of lipolysis induced by Caffeine.

In addition to the rate of Caffeine induced lipolysis being increased by Quercetin and Zingerone, NMT and Zingerone both promote fat loss by preventing fat storage, while still allowing for clean and anxiety free energy.

ERGOSHRED also contains the rare esterified carnitine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (PLCAR). The inclusion ofPLCAR in ErgoShred can improve cardiac function by protecting tissues from oxidative stress, enhance anaerobic work capacity, and can reduce bodyweight via stimulation of the carnitine palmitoyltransferase pathway.

ERGOSHRED also contains a blend of patented Capsimax ® and Bioperine ®. Capsimax contains an extract of capsicum that does not cause the feelings of heartburn people have come to associate with other capsicum products, while still providing an optimal level of capsaicinoids, while Bioperine on the other hand improves nutrient absorption, leading to an increase in the absorption of the ingredients withinERGOSHRED. Not only will ERGOSHRED lead to fat loss, but through the incorporation of Capsimax in its formula, it will allow you to burn more calories both during AND after exercise, supressing your appetite, increase thermogenesis by increasing energy expenditure, and improve body composition by lowering levels of body fat. Capsimaxwill also lead to an increase in oxygen uptake while lowering levels of perceived exertion, so you not only work harder, but you also feel less tired.


  • Promotes fat loss by synergistically increasing lipolysis and thermogenesis while also preventing fat storage, allowing for an improvement of body composition
  • Supresses appetite without affecting athletic performance
  • Increases endurance by providing long lasting clean energy and supressing the effects of fatigue


  • Potentiates fat loss by inducing beta adrenoreceptor lipolysis and stimulation of the carnitine palmitoyltransferase pathway
  • Improves body composition by blocking fat storage and increasing metabolism
  • Enhances anaerobic work capacity by boosting stamina and delaying the effects of fatigue by improving muscle contractility
  • Increases blood flow to skeletal muscle, which allows for assistance in radical scavenging
  • Inhibits cortisol production and increases nutrient absorption
  • Promotes cardiac functioning by protecting tissues from oxidative stress
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