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The Ultimate Focus, Strength, and Energy Ignition System!*


Featuring the revolutionary Micro-Dosing Technology of patented Con-Cret® brand Creatine HCl and AgmaMax® Agmatine Sulfate!

ErgoBlast by ErgoGenix is THE mind-blowingly explosive pre-workout powerhouse that is set to redefine the industry!* Just one scoop (and we mean only one scoop) will take you from where you are to where you want to be:  DOMINATING THE WEIGHTS!*  ErgoBlast delivers a potent matrix of safe, effective, and tested ingredients with one goal in mind:  MAKING YOU UNSTOPPABLE!*

ErgoBlast has been formulated and refined to:

  • Hit HARD & FAST for explosive energy and performance!*
  • Deliver MARATHON PEFORMANCES in the weight room, adding reps to every set!*
  • Instill TUNNEL VISION focus, motivating you to CRUSH THE WEIGHTS!*
  • Stimulate peak muscle contraction and contractile strength, SHATTERING your old PR's!*
  • Provide AMAZING flavors that will leave you looking forward to enjoying your next serving!*
  • Take your workouts BEYOND the next level!!!*

When formulating ErgoBlast, the decision was made to use the best creatine on the market. Con-Cret was the only choice.*

What makes CON-CRET® different from other creatines?

  • There are many synthesized creatines but most have negative side effects
    (cramping, water retention, bloating, diarrhea)*.
  • CON-CRET® is a pure and highly concentrated patented creatine hydrochloride molecule, providing all the benefits with no negative side effects*.
  • CON-CRET® has unmatched potency with high solubility*.
  • CON-CRET® is one of the only creatines to be scientifically demonstrated to surpass other standard creatines in plasma uptake*.
  • CON-CRET® is one of the most effective bio-available creatines fueling the body’s cells*.
  • CON-CRET® requires NO LOADING or the need to CYCLE OFF*.
  • CON-CRET® is one of the only creatines that is MICRO-DOSED*.

ErgoStim™ blend

We designed our ErgoStim™ blend using a combination of science-backed ingredients to support maximum energy and focus, with less chance of jitters or crash.*

Become Unstoppable with ErgoBlast!

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