BPI Sports Leucine Agma pH

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Leucine Agma pH is a pH buffered anabolic Nitric Oxide Synthase supplement comprised of Leucine and Agmatine and designed to increase pumps and enhance anabolic activity.

BPI Sports Leucine Agma pH pH Buffered Anabolic N.O. Synthase

  • Anabolic Activity*
  • Nitric Oxide Synthase*
  • Increased Pumps*

Leucine Agma pH™ is L-Leucine (including the exciting form, L-Leucine HCl) and Agmatine Sulfate. L-Leucine is an essential amino acid that the body cannot synthesize on its own. Research shows that L-Leucine can help stimulate muscle protein synthesis and preserve muscle tissue. This must-have CPS muscle building supplement also contains Agmatine, which is a novel analog of L-Arginine. Agmatine, in the preferred Agmatine Sulfate form, has shown greater potential than L-Arginine for nitric oxide synthase in early stage work. Additionally, Agmatine has been suggested in the scientific literature to have other properties that could have direct benefits to athletes and bodybuilders. For enhanced nutrient uptake, the patent-pending pH Balanced Alkaline Buffering System pH-Sorb™ has been added, which is designed to directly influence the acidity level during metabolization, for optimal uptake and utilization.*

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