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Beef Liver Concentrate for Building Muscle, With Essential Amino Acids, B-Vitamins, Minerals, and Enzymes

Beverly International PROVOSYN

Muscle building, pumps, cutting –this delicious protein does it all!*

Men and women who try PROVOSYN quickly fall in love with it. This multi-protein shake mix offers a rich, satisfying taste and texture. Plus, its unique nutritional properties make it easier for you to build muscle, feel pumped, and even get cut when combined with proper diet and training.* These are the benefits that keep users rushing back for more. One serving of PROVOSYN will make you a fan; one bottle will make you a fanatic!

An "old-school" formula that produces "new-school" results!
Famed bodybuilding nutrition gurus of the "golden age" such as Rheo Blair instructed their clients to consume liberal amounts of whole egg and milk protein, as well as beef. To this end, Blair developed a special formula consisting of a 2:1 ratio of whole egg to milk protein for his elite bodybuilding and Hollywood clients who needed to gain lean muscle quickly. This same ratio is used today in PROVOSYN.


What is PROVOSYN? PROVOSYN is a multi-protein shake mix derived from whole egg, milk and beef. Each bottle supplies 616 g (1 lb, 5.7 oz).

What does "PROVOSYN" mean? The name comes from the terms "ovo" (meaning "egg") and "protein synthesis". Protein synthesis is the essential element of building muscle. In order to maintain or increase your muscle mass, your muscle cells must synthesize, or build, more protein. Performing resistance exercise and eating plenty of high-quality protein is the most effective method for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. As your muscle cells accumulate protein, they become bigger and stronger.

What are some of the benefits that I can expect from using PROVOSYN? As clients of Beverly know, the extra price you pay for our quality supplements is more than compensated for by the benefits that you see and feel. When you consider the many benefits offered by PROVOSYN, it is actually highly economical. Where can you find a deliciously satisfying protein supplement for as little as $1.79 per serving that provides all of these benefits?

  • Increased muscle size and hardness.*
  • Increased muscle fullness.* (Anecdotally, users report feeling more pumped all day.)
  • Quicker recovery from workouts.*
  • Reduced muscle soreness.*
  • Improved appetite control and ability to manage your weight.*
  • Increased muscle leanness, shape and definition.*
  • Increase in strength, power and stamina.*
  • Improved overall hormonal health and anabolism.*

What makes PROVOSYN different?

  • A 2:1 ratio of whole egg to milk protein, plus beef. The PROVOSYN formula is based on secret techniques used by famed bodybuilding nutrition gurus such as Rheo Blair to maximize muscle growth while minimizing body fat. Blair was a big proponent of eating whole eggs and milk protein. He valued eggs as a source of complete, easily assimilated protein and other growth factors, many present in the yolk. He believed that these growth factors "unlock" the body’s biochemistry, making it easier to gain lean muscle without fat. To this end, Blair developed a special formula consisting of a 2:1 ratio of whole egg to milk protein for his elite bodybuilding and Hollywood clients who needed to gain lean muscle quickly. This same ratio is used in PROVOSYN.
  • Ultra-premium ingredients:
    • 100% Whole Egg: The egg protein in PROVOSYN comes from whole eggs that have been carefully spray-dried and pasteurized.
    • Grade A Milk Protein Isolate: The milk protein in PROVOSYN is obtained from fresh pasteurized milk using a low-heat system. This helps ensure that the proteins remain undenatured and retain their muscle-building power.* PROVOSYN’s milk protein is also low in lactose and contains casein and whey in the same unaltered ratio found naturally in milk.
    • 100% Natural Beef: The beef protein in PROVOSYN is 98% protein by weight. It is produced under USDA inspection and contains no MSG, salt, carriers, or other added ingredients.
  • Rapid, yet sustained effects. The unique combination of proteins in PROVOSYN supplies your body with every amino acid it requires for protein synthesis in an initial rapid burst followed by a more sustained delivery. This property makes PROVOSYN ideal for maximizing lean muscle growth, recovery and retention.*
  • More than 9,000 mg of EAAs including over 4,000 mg of BCAAs. PROVOSYN provides a highly economical way to deliver essential amino acids (EAAs), including the super anabolic branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), to your muscles every day, in just minutes.*

Who is PROVOSYN ideal for?

  • 40-plus individuals seeking to lean down and shape up, reduce age-associated loss of muscle size and strength, or maximize muscular gains from workouts.*
  • High school, collegiate and professional athletes seeking to add muscular weight and quicken recovery.*
  • Dieters and physique competitors of all kinds seeking to trim body fat without losing muscle.*

What are people saying about PROVOSYN? The following PROVOSYN reviews were recently collected from the Web. (Some have been edited for grammar.):

Rod Morgan writes: "I received my first can of PROVOSYN today. I was looking forward to it. Let me say, I am not disappointed. You guys would make Rheo Blair proud. This is a top-of-the-mountain, complete protein with nothing missing for growth and anabolism. Add a pack of oatmeal to it and it is a complete meal. PROVOSYN is now my go-to protein and I will endorse this product to everyone I know. Great job, Beverly. Now just don’t let it disappear!"

Bert Mansfield writes: "I am mixing two scoops of MASS MAKER ULTRA with one scoop of PROVOSYN in whole milk after my morning workout and I feel pumped all day!"

Rodhicks61’s writes: "PROVOSYN is my all time favorite tasting protein powder, by far. I love the "old school" ingredients and make up of this protein. Awesome!"

Herb Pelly writes: "I think BI may have made PROVOSYN too good! I can't seem to stop drinking it for all of my shakes, even though that was not my plan. I'm 53 years old and three weeks in, I'm up 3.5 pounds on my morning scale weight with greater vascularity. I also have a pumped feeling all the time. I am very impressed with PROVOSYN. I mix 3 scoops in 1 oz of heavy cream and 12 oz of skim milk. I take two shakes per day. While this protein may not be designed for post-workout use, I have been having a shake right after my early morning workout instead of my usual Mass Maker/UMP blend and have felt no ill effects whatsoever. BI all the way! If I am going to spend a significant amount of cash each month on supplements, I am going to use only those products that actually work and are safe. BI supplements enhance both my physique and my health."

Mark Domme: "I really like the PROVOSYN. The taste and texture are outstanding --very rich, thick and creamy. I have been using it as an addition to my UMP. I use quarter, half or whole servings of PROVOSYN to adjust the fat content in my shakes as needed. One scoop of UMP plus one scoop PROVOSYN creates an outstanding supplement profile and I used it extensively dieting for Team Universe."

Joe Daniels writes: "[The] taste was fantastic. …I couldn’t taste anything associated with the beef protein and the whole egg was super filling without being too thick. It seemed to have a very good fullness factor to me. The higher cholesterol should be good for getting hormone and testosterone production up from heavy weight training."*

Karen writes: "I am using [PROVOSYN] daily and find it to be excellent. It is only available in vanilla so that is the only drawback! Otherwise, it's excellent, and don't get me wrong the vanilla is actually great tasting. I decided to go with [PROVOSYN] because it is different from the rest as it combines different aminos from beef, milk and eggs. I've noticed my recovery and progress with my training has improved since I've started and it's a great motivator in the big picture."*

James133 writes: "I have been using Beverly for years because of its unsurpassed quality and taste. They don't have to advertise because their products are so incredible. [PROVOSYN] blows all other proteins away. Try it and you will never go back."

What can I stack PROVOSYN with?

  1. Other Beverly proteins (Ultimate Muscle Protein, Mass Maker Ultra, Muscle Provider): Many Beverly clients mix PROVOSYN with other Beverly proteins to provide an even wider array of whole-body benefits, including the "all day" pumps that a number of individuals have reported.
  2. ULTRA 40 100% Argentine Beef Liver Tablets: Rheo Blair believed that it is important to stack liver tablets with protein supplements like PROVOSYN. He felt that the B vitamins and other "intrinsic factors" in liver "activated" the protein, making it easier for your body to convert it into lean muscle. We highly recommend stacking ULTRA 40 with PROVOSYN and/or other Beverly proteins for maximum results.
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