Barlean's Forti-Flax

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Organic Ground Flaxseed For Overall Health & Energy, High Quality, Kosher Certified Flaxseed Rich In Dietary Fiber and Protein

Barlean's Forti-Flax ground flaxseed provides a cornucopia of naturally occurring nutrients including valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, amino acids and trace minerals, to support vibrant health and energy.*


Forti-Flax supplies all the benefits of fiber plus a comprehensive source of organic-source nutrition:

  • Nutritional Powerhouse: Extremely rich source of Omega-3, dietary fiber, protein, mucilage and phenolic compounds, vitamins, major and trace minerals and amino acids
  • Highest Quality: 100% certified organic, kosher certified, free of pesticides and herbicides; made with select flaxseeds from North America
  • Advanced Process: Proprietary cold-milling process delicately liberates vitamins, minerals, amino acids, lignans and phytonutrients without damaging delicate omega-3 fatty acids
  • Supports Healthy Body Function*: Soluble fiber - great alternative to unsavory fiber supplements
  • Convenient: Easy addition to a healthful diet, no special preparation needed, just sprinkle on your favorite foods or stir into juice or water
  • Great Taste: Adds a crunchy nutty flavor to baked goods, cereals and sprinkled on banana slices

Attributes of Forti-Flax:

Fiber: Contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber

Fatty Acids: Contains essential* Omega-3 and 6 as well as Omega-9 in an excellent balance to support health*

Vitamins: Contains eight essential* vitamins

Minerals: Contains four major minerals and four trace minerals

Amino Acids: Contains all 10 essential* amino acids (complete protein) as well as eight non-essential amino acids

Phytonutrients: Contains Lignans, Phenolic Acids, Flavonoids and Phytic Acid

        *Essential Nutrients must be ingested directly in the diet and cannot be created by the human body
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