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Performance Enhancer, Testosterone, Body Recomposition & Performance Optimizer

ATTN: MEN-Your Current Test Booster is FAILING Miserably

Day in and day out, you give it your all in the gym. Day in and day out, you plan your diet to a T in the kitchen. No questions about it, you are committed to the lifestyle. Yet, despite all your dedication and perseverance, you’re still not PERFORMING, LOOKING, & FEELING the way you know you should be; in or out of the gym.

No, we cannot replace all of your hard work and dedication, but we can give you a powerful tool that WILL greatly assist you in your journey like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s time to bring back what’s missing and take your training to the next level. It’s time to go APE!

Alpha Performance Enhancer™

More than a narrowly-focused testosterone booster, APE™ provides four Clinically-backed powerful attributes in one comprehensive product formulation:

1. Maximize Testosterone Production Beyond Natural Levels*

  • 22% greater increase in Free Testosterone in only 12 hours after ingestion*
  • Increase Bio-Available Testosterone 1.8 times after 8 weeks*

2. Refine Your Physique Beyond Genetic Limitations*

  • Over 2 times greater Fat Loss after just 8 weeks of usage* (get lean & shredded)*

3. Improve “Alpha-Maleness” Beyond Normal Capacity & Intensity*

  • Sex Drive, libido, vigor & vitality enhancement in both the short term and long term*
  • Inhibit Estrogen (anti-aromatase)*

4. Enhance Vascularity & Athletic Performance Beyond Normal Limits*

  • Increase Nitric Oxide (NO), thus increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles*
  • Increase Endurance & Performance during repetitive high intensity exercise*

APE™ is so powerful, you ONLY need to take TWO power packed capsules ONCE a DAY, 5 days a week. For maximum results, an 8 week cycle of APE is recommended.

Athletic Edge Nutrition APE Ingredients

Driving APE’s formula is powerful combination of TestoSurge™, GlycoCarn® & a Premium Standardized Long Jack Extract.

What is TestoSurge™? - TestoSurge is a CLINICLY-supported, all natural, testosterone-boosting, body-recomposition compound, derived from Fenugreek. Through double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, it has been confirmed to be a potent AROMATASE inhibiter. Aromatase is the key enzyme that converts Testosterone to Estrogen. Thus by decreasing aromatase levels, the amount of testosterone being converted to estrogen is decreased and testosterone levels become much higher. What does this mean in simple terms?  For starters, dramatically increased level of FREE & BIOAVAILABLE TESTOSTERONE in the body. More testosterone equals more drive, vigor & aggression inside and outside the gym, more muscle and more strength. Secondly, research shows that this compound has the potential to significantly get you shredded in just 8 weeks by stimulating the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase, enhancing the fat burning process, decreasing body fat levels. The best part about all of this: TestoSurge has demonstrated in clinical research to be SAFE & free of unwanted side effects.

What is GlycoCarn®? - GlycoCarn® is a research-backed, patented compound made up of glycine propionyl l-carnitine. This monster compound is the FIRST known ingredient in sports nutrition to increase nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in HUMANS when taken orally in a controlled research setting. Nitric Oxide causes Vasodilation (arteries to widen/open up), which means greater blood flow and delivery of oxygen to working muscles. Beyond its potent NO-boosting abilities, GlycoCarn has been shown to significantly increase endurance and athletic performance during repetitive high intensity training. Who doesn’t want that?

PREMIUM Long Jack Standardized Extract: Long Jack works to further increase Free-Testosterone by inhibiting a hormone called sex hormone biding globulin (SHBG) that binds to testosterone, making it unusable. The end result? More free testosterone: the kind your body can utilize. Give it the fuel for the fire!

APE goes beyond the powerhouse TRIO of TestoSurge™, GlycoCarn® & Long Jack Extract and further sets its formula over the top with additional research supported and dosed ingredients to give you the results you work so hard for.

Maca Extract: For powerful libido enhancement and sex drive.

Indole-3-Carbonal: a potent and powerful Anti-Estrogen ingredient that naturally occurs in broccoli and other green vegetables.

To polish off and further enhance this unparalleled formula for Optimal Male Health & Testosterone Support, APE includes Zinc,Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid. Lastly, to maximize the absorption of the ingredients in APE, the black pepper extract BIOPERINE® was included as the finishing touch.

The most comprehensive formula? YOU be the JUDGE.

Go ahead and redefine your natural limits with APE™. We dare you. But don’t blame us when people stop and stare.

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