Ascend Sport Colostrum

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Ascend Sport Colostrum

Ascend Sport Colostrum


Intensive training programs and competition can place extreme stress on your body’s natural defense mechanisms to the point where it will no longer combat infection. How often do you hear of serious athletes suffering from colds and flu following their events or hard training?

ASCEND Sport Colostrum provides you with high levels of immunoglobulins, growth factors and other protective factors that stimulate your immune system and provide defence against infection. Additional benefits include anti-inflammatory effects aiding your recovery and reducing muscle soreness. The total protein content makes it a valuable source of high-quality natural protein.

ASCEND Sport Colostrum is collected from Australia’s finest dairy herds, and unlike many other colostrum products in the market, is processed fresh, not frozen, at low temperatures and then dried. The proprietary process is unique to ASCEND Sport Colostrum and delivers you maximum activity and stability of the bioactive components.

ASCEND Sport Colostrum is suitable for use by all athletes. It is ideal for athletes with intensive training regimes and those involved in endurance sports.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (1.25 g)
  Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Dried Bovine Colostrum 1.25 g (1,250 mg) *
* Daily Value not established.
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