AI Sports Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Weight Loss Support Capsule, Promotes Healthy Glucose Levels and Supports Weight Loss in Only Four Weeks

AI Sports Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract

Watch the fat melt away!

AI Sports Nutrition is always looking for cutting edge ingredients to bring to our line. Green Coffee Bean fits right into this mold.

What really caught our attention in regards to Green Coffee Bean was a landmarked study published in 2012.

Subjects received a 1050mg dose, a 700mg dose, or a placebo. “Significant reductions were observed in body weight (-8.04 ± 2.31 kg), body mass index (-2.92 ± 0.85 kg/m(2)), and percent body fat (-4.44% ± 2.00%), as well as a small decrease in heart rate (-2.56 ± 2.85 beats per minute), but with no significant changes to diet over the course of the study.* Importantly, the decreases occurred when subjects were taking GCA. Body mass index for six subjects shifted from overweight to a more normal weight range.*”

This is a substantial drop in weight loss and body fat %. If you would rather see it in pounds, you have a weight loss of (17.69 lbs +/- 5.1 lbs), in 22 weeks. What is even more amazing is the participants of the study had “no significant changes to diet over the course of the study”; suggesting that GCB was supporting fat loss/weight loss independent of changes in diet.* Imagine the results one could have if they were to combine GCB with a diet also oriented to fat loss.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound in coffee beans that has a number of different biological effects. It has been noted to be a strong antioxidant.* Where researchers believe the weight loss aid comes from however is its effects on the way the body deals with sugar. It has been suggested to help reduce the absorption of new glucose as well as the liver’s transformation of glycogen to glucose.*The glycemic peak brought on in animal tests by administering glucagon was also lower.* These actions combined should help support lower blood sugar levels already in healthy range, which leads to your body more easily using fat stores as fuel.*

Now, all this looks good on paper and in a controlled study. What about real life testimonials? This is where our beta testers come in. Beta testers were given a month’s supply of GCB to use. Our GCB product contains 350mg of GCB, dosed 3 times daily. This comes out to 1050mg, which is the highest dose used in the study.

Some highlights from our beta testers include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Supported weight loss (in only 4 weeks)*
  • Promoted healthy glucose levels, as noted per glucose monitoring*
  • Improved self image
  • The need for a new wardrobe

We really think Green Coffee Bean is going to be a revolutionary fat loss product. Not only does it work well by itself, but it is going to stack extremely well, ideally with AI Sports Raspberry Ketones and AI Sports African Mango.

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